Yoga is not the Pose

Yoga is the awareness in
the pose & throughout life

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Whilst we experience a lockdown with social restrictions, a private yoga class (Vinyasa, Hatha or Prenatal) is the ideal way to continue your practice, perfect the basics or expand your learning. Stay in touch with your journey, set the intention and watch the progress occur.

**Special Lockdown rate applies 

Online Group Yoga
Weekly group online Hatha or Vinyasa classes are timed so you can join no matter what time zone you are in.
Online Private Yoga
A regular private yoga class to achieve your personal goals of yogic practice. This personal attention to you growth is customised to see evident shifts.
Prenatal Yoga
Online Group or Private Prenatal Yoga Classes
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Online yoga

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Every time you come to your mat with Sattra, we will plant 1 tree on your behalf as a means to leave a lasting legacy for a liveable future.

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Margaret Ng

Thanks for a wonderful class. Very nice. Enjoyed the chanting music as well.

Julie Cheng

Thanks Nav. Had a lovely time and so relaxed afterwards!

Tas Pope

Thank you, loved the class.

Renee Yip

Thanks Nav, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next session. X

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A daily yoga practice doesn’t only mean coming to the mat.
It takes balls to face tough life situations.


Resistance creates awareness,

awareness builds understanding and

understanding leads to realising the true nature of reality.


Life is here to be experienced, there is no goal, it’s an ongoing journey.

Enjoy it xx

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  • Sattra Yoga Instagram
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Group Yoga Class in Nature

Regular Group Yoga classes hosted from with Victoria Park or Repulse Bay, to enjoy an immersion with your mind and body with nature - TRUE Bliss

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