SAT is the Sanskrit prefix to words such as Sattvic or Satya, meaning 

Truth  -  Balance  -  Purity  -  Goodness  -  Pure Essence  -  Virtuous 

TRA is the Sanskrit postfix to words such as Mantra or Yantra, meaning 

Path  -  Channel  -  Journey  -  Thread  -  Platform  -  Vehicle

Therefore Sattra means....

Your Path of Truth 

Yoga offers us a way to be in the  flow

Yoga reminds us that everything is connected so we must live, act, dance and breathe with awareness. If the journey is the ultimate reward then let's choose to enjoy the ride.


We are a gathering of well-wishers, who thrive on feeding the imagination to remain mindfully connected. We gain nourishment from nature, inspiration from deep souls and flourish in sacred spaces. Our deeply rooted yoga asana and meditation practices are expressed in a fresh and youthful approach as we listen with an open heart, to stay CONNECTED to what the world really needs. Lean, light and lifted, we are always in the flow.

Nav Kumari

Director, Founder & Spiritual Entrepreneur


Mother of three, with a 15-year career in branding, Nav is a certified Yoga Teacher and she has been practicing yoga since 2008.

“The more I practice yoga, the more I feel united, with myself and my world. It’s my journey of learning, to stay true to myself, trusting my instincts and leading with absolute authenticity. Having lived and practiced yoga in London, Geneva, Singapore and HongKong, I love to share this experience with others, so they too can discover their true nature. This love was the inception of Sattra yoga.”

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Keeping it real - not everyone knows what a dosha, bandha or dhristi is.


Sometimes they really don’t care. What they want is an experience that opens their eyes to something that helps them feel great about themselves, to reach their fitness or spiritual goals. That doesn’t mean we don’t use traditional vedic philosophy, we just make sure we apply any ancient terms with a foundation of deep insights and express it in an accessible way.


Remaining composed and confident to gently peel back the layers of stress and life challenges, and reveal the true you.  We practice yoga asana and mindful meditation to stay grounded to reality for optimal wellness.


Feed Our Home

Every-time you come to your mat with SATTRA, we will plant 1 tree on your behalf. Trees are so important for our earth to stay healthy and nourished and this is why trees are so amazing.

Proudly working in collaboration with One Tree Planted.


The leaves of a tree absorb pollutant gases like carbon monoxide, ozone & nitrogen oxides and release oxygen for us to breathe.


Trees reduce risks of natural disasters like landslides and floods as their main role is to capture rainwater.


Trees are home to numerous species of mammals, insects, mosses and plants. These biodiversities flourish with trees.


Social Impact

The forestry industry is vast, providing fruits, nuts and berries for consumption. Sustainable tree farming for timber to build homes and to burn for cooking and heating.



Physiologically living amongst trees is a natural healer, helping to reduce anxiety, stress and to be connected with nature.


Trees help to keep the planet cooler to help avoid global warming. 


A daily yoga practice doesn’t only mean coming to the mat.
It takes balls to face tough life situations.


Resistance creates awareness,

awareness builds understanding and

understanding leads to realising the true nature of reality.


Life is here to be experienced, there is no goal, it’s an ongoing journey.

Enjoy it xx