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It   takes  a  community  to  empower  a  mother

The Birth Retreats are a unique wellness experience to give pregnant women strength, support, knowledge and empower for their pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Each half day retreat includes meditation, prenatal yoga,  a nutritious plant based lunch, a space to meet a community of pregnant women and access to woman’s wellness specialist. 

Curated by SATTRA, and available at Fivelements Habitat Hong Kong.

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Birth Retreat Dec 2020 ​

A Mother's Community - Dee Cheung & Nav Kumari
Saturday 5th Nov 2020​  10am - 2.30pm


It has been said that the wisdom and compassion a woman can intuitively experience in childbirth can make her a source of healing and understanding for other women. Dee Cheung will share her wisdom in practicing birth with a tranquil mind

The experience includes an immersive prenatal yoga session led by Nav Kumari, using breath work, affirmations and yoga asana. This retreat will start with a tea ceremony meditation to become grounded and serves a nourishing plant-based lunch.

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Watch our online forum to meet the specialists involved, from the women’s wellness industry. They provided insights from their area of expertise and guidance on what they will offer at the retreat. It's a chance for you to begin your wellness journey.

A  Mother's  Tales...

Home Birth Stories 

Marketing director turned yoga teacher and mom to 3 under 5, Nav Kumari shares her story of the mythical home birth in Hong Kong. Facebook groups will tell you it’s not done here or that it’s illegal in Hong Kong, but is it really the case? While home birth might not be your thang, you’ll certainly connect with Nav on empowering yourself in your own birth choices.

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Having 3 Children within 3 Years

Ever wondered what motherhood truly looks like with more than 1 kid? I certainly have. So I sat down with Nav (virtually of course) and shared a beautiful conversation around motherhood, and what that looks like behind close doors for a mother of 3.⁣

This conscious conversation is lighthearted, wholesome, full of nuggets of tips, positive tools we can all turn to when we have those challenging days.

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A daily yoga practice doesn’t only mean coming to the mat.
It takes balls to face tough life situations.


Resistance creates awareness,

awareness builds understanding and

understanding leads to realising the true nature of reality.


Life is here to be experienced, there is no goal, it’s an ongoing journey.

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